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2017-6-27 MLCC giant in the past life in China

Time:2017-07-21 Views:524

The rapid development of the automotive beauty in China and some that are already very mature business model, made in the past two years the consumer consumption idea gradually mature, for example, the coating has already become the most attention topic car beauty, its content including organic silicon coating, glass fiber coating, physical coating, electrophoretic coating. From simple washing - wax - closure glaze-coating, domestic car beauty industry into a rising stage, due to the huge market in the car beauty maintenance industry to continuously attract business to enter, so as to promote the advance of the whole market. The domestic automobile beauty industry has already gone through the initial stage, before the automobile beauty project has diversified, high-end trend, therefore, there are enterprises to launch the concept of "star beauty". The high technical content of the car beauty industry makes the automobile beauty industry develop more rapidly in the future, the beauty project is updated, and the continuous upgrading of beauty technology has become an important subject.


Allow foreign investment in the area of domestic automobile service trade in our country, then foreign car beauty service chain agencies have sprung up emerging in China, foreign car beauty companies have launched their products into the Chinese market., opened chain stores across the country, and it created a great army of car beauty and workers increased year by year, car beauty industry presents a boom.


According to Yu bozhi market research center, China‘s car beauty market cake is big, but the market competition is still very fierce. It is recognized that the current situation of the automobile beauty maintenance industry is that consumers cognition are not mature, the enterprise operation is not standardized, the lack of professional talents, the industry is not standard. The vast majority of street shops lack scientific management, technical guarantee and regular supply channels.


Automobile beauty is the result of the rapid development of economy, the gradual improvement of automobile culture and the continuous improvement of people‘s consumption concept. In the western developed countries, the automobile beauty industry accounts for more than 85% of the automobile repair industry. At present, China has more than 40 million private cars, and China has become a big consumer of cars. The large-scale automobile entering the ordinary family has opened up a huge market for China‘s automobile beauty and maintenance industry.


Since the reform and opening up, China‘s automobile industry has come a long way. With the improvement of people‘s living standard, automobile has become a daily travel tool for various ordinary families. The rapid growth of the number of cars has provided a broad advance space for China‘s automobile beauty industry. Car beauty is also gradually becoming a fashion, and the automobile beauty maintenance industry is emerging as a new industry. Compared with the developed countries, our country car beauty market is not mature enough, is the lack of rules of positive brand, perfect service, but with the right guidance, car beauty market development prospect is very broad.


In recent years, China‘s economy has been booming. With the increase of residents‘ income, many car owners, especially the post-1980s, pay greater attention to the enjoyment of automobile culture. Some private car owners decorate their cars according to their personal preferences. In addition to car maintenance, many car owners are also willing to pay a high price. According to the survey, at present our country has about 60% of high-end private car owners have the habit of often for automobile external beauty maintenance, 30% of low-grade car owners also formed to the idea of car beauty maintenance regularly do, 30% of the communal external beauty premium car timing maintenance and more than 50% of car owners would be willing to use product by themselves. Do it in person for auto beauty and maintenance. Thus it can be seen that the automobile beauty industry has enormous market growth space in China.


The auto beauty industry has the characteristics of simple operation and flexible start-up, especially in this industry, which has huge profit margins and low risk, which has enticed numerous investors to step in. Numerous car wash shops, auto parts stores and individuals are rushing into the auto beauty industry, which is destined to be a chaotic battle.Some operators to get customers, and constantly keep prices down, price war has become the only method of automobile maintenance salon competition in some areas, make the disorder of car beauty market is becoming more confusion.


With the higher and higher request of consumers, domestic automobile beauty technology has entered the stage of continuous upgrading. For example, the coating contents including glass fiber coating, machine silicon coating, electrophoresis coating and the physical coating, due to the consumers have a rich source of information, consumption gradually rational and mature, so far the coating has become a car beauty industry and consumers are very concerned topic. In addition, due to the huge market of automobile beauty industry attracted a large number of merchants to invest and enter, also pushed the whole market forward. Automobile beauty project gradually appears diversification, high-end trend.


From the report of the development of market trend and investment strategy of Chinese automobile beauty decoration industry shows that the automobile market develops rapidly with the increase of automobile users. Car beauty shop is increasingly popular with car owners.