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Tantalum capacitors VS MLCC capacitors

Time:2017-07-21 Views:450

China‘s e-commerce industry has gone from nothing to prosperity in the past 10 years, experiencing a period of rapid progress. Recently, from the China association of instrument and meter industry according to the latest figures released in 2011, 2010 instrument and meter industry scale of production and sales for the first time in China reached 500 billion yuan, 5521 more than the industry scale enterprises, under the situation of the weak global economic environment, instrument and meter industry in China through hand in hand to expand the domestic market, e-commerce in manufacturing opens up a new development way, become the rapid develop industry.


Instrument and apparatus market electronic commerce nuggets


With the continuously expand of market demand, is closely related to people‘s life of the instrument industry also obtained the swift and violent development, but due to reasons such as technology and innovation, instrument and meter industry domestic and abroad there is still a large gap, lack of key core technology, low level repeated, stability and reliability of the product is not the solution of the fundamental, in the high-end precision instruments are still heavily dependent on imports, import a lot of adverse effects on the industry development.


Internet e-commerce could help domestic instruments and meter enterprises to participate compete at home and abroaddirect dialogue with International Markets, contributing to break through the technical bottleneck rapidly and achieve the upgrade of technology and innovation. Making use of emerging trading tools of e-commerce to expand sales channels of enterprise currently, improve commercial environment, optimize and activate the whole industry chain. Positively into the trade model of Internet, to make a substantial business by using Internet and E-Commerce.


So far in the domestic e-commerce market, the comprehensive business platform represented by Ali Baba is the vanguard army in the early stage of the Internet. Their development marks the rise of e-commerce in China. Awareness of Internet users is also rising constantly and more and more enterprises get involved, to let the electronic commerce in instrument industry taste the sweetness. In addition, lots of users will utilize some SE like, Baidu, Google, Sogou and so on to optimize keyword, purchase rank of bid, get more order conversion by continuously increasing the exposure rate and click volume. Both of them still lead the way in the development of Internet nowadays.


Vertical industry portals must rise


However, at the comprehensive level stations in advertising competition and the search engine ranking the competition, some companies are turning to more professional web sites. Such as the deepening of the steel industry of  steel nets, covering chemical industry comprehensive information and business services of China chemical network, for central heating and heat meter technology China heating information network, these sites after years of development, more and more get the recognition and favor of vertical industry users, and accurate advertising value and lower the cost of more gradually recognized by businesses.


In the modern information age, to the highly professional instrumentation field especially transform itself has all the advantages of resources consolidation and development, set up a complete set of service system and mode, has released the query information timely, full and data resources, information professional authority, network wide coverage, and many other advantages. The emergence of personalized professional industry portal for gradually developing stage at the Chinese instrument industry is undoubtedly a shot in the arm, will be to maintain the balance of the whole industry chain, build up a more reasonable information communication channels play an important role in promoting.

In the next five years, the total output value of China‘s instruments and instruments industry will reach or close to trillion yuan, with an average yearly growth rate of 15%. In the next five years, the application of e-commerce in China‘s instrument and instrumentation industry to expand the market and actively expand the network marketing will become the mainstream trend of the uninterrupted development of the industry.