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Service Center

Service Center

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Service Center

1 Customer management system

From the demand docking, product selection and finalization, contract signing, stocking, delivery, logistics, receiving, implementation, after-sales, to provide customers with perfect end-to-end service.

2 Purchasing management system

Docking the need of customers, and through the different channels, different types, different application of resources to the interaction and integration of upstream and downstream, for suppliers, customers provide the most rapid, accurate, professional products and services plan and decision support.                                          

3 Warehouse management and control system 

By using the advanced management software, warehouse, place, entry/exit management, timely reflects the storage and flow of various materials, and provides the basis for production management and cost accounting.

Through the inventory analysis, management and decision makers provide inventory capital takes up/overstock situation, the backlog of material, shortage of statistical analysis of different information, such as to adjust in a timely manner, scientific management, to more efficient quality services customers.

Equipped with barcode management system to improve the delivery efficiency and reduce the error rate.

4 Logistics service system

Provide customers with a variety of optimal combinations and cost of delivery solutions, real-time tracking logistics status, ensure the logistics on time, safety.

5 Technical support system

Maintain close cooperation with the factory for a long time and the interactive relationship, effectively coordinate the original factory technical resources, build our technical support team, at the same time to ensure timely, flexible, professional response to customer requirements.